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This One Time, at Band Camp

Every year, our marching band goes away to a camp. People always assume band kids are nerds and goody goody kids. This will put all those myths to rest!

It was the third day of camp of my senior year, and this is when it always gets boring for me. I'd been masturbating for a long time now, doing it regularly since I started high school. Usually at camp, I masturbate in the shower by myself, which was the safe way to do it. Well, this year I was the clarinet section leader, and I'd grown pretty close to this sophmore in my section, Stephanie. She's like 5'5', brown hair, I think an A size bra, and she's somewhat chubby (It's baby fat). We have very similar personalities, and we shared the same interests. We didn't talk about it much, but I knew she masturbated and she knew I did, and we didn't take it much further.

That night they were playing a movie at one of the meeting halls. A lot of couples were going, but I decided to take Stephanie along. We grabbed a seat toward the back. We all sat on the floor, and many people brought blankets to sit on or lay under. It was pretty cold that night, so me and Stephanie snuggled pretty close under the blanket. I liked the movie we were watching, but she was more appealing. We started talking softly, and eventually she gave me a little kiss on the cheek. I started getting wet, and I snuggled closer to her. She was wearing softball sliding shorts, and (I snuck a look) a lacy thong. I slowly slid my hand down her shorts and started rubbing her butt. I slid my hand down a little further. She jumped a little when I touched her pussy, but she turned around and smiled at me. Her pussy was also wet, probably from me rubbing her butt.

We decided since everyone was watching the movie or playing flashlight tag, we should go to our room to continue. When we got there, I went into the bathroom, took a piss, took out my contacts and put on my glasses, and got out of my clothes. All I was wearing my pink 32B bra and botty shorts. When I came out, she looked at me and said, 'Your a little anxious!' and giggled. I let her strip, and we made out in our underware.

After kissing, we took our bras off. We started playing with each others boobs; our pink nipples were already hard. Then we took off our panties, sat on the bed with our legs spread apart facing each other. We stared and joked about our shaved, pink, and wet pussy's. We decided that I'll masturbate her first. I started rubbing her clit and rubbing her boobs. When she started heating up, I stuck my finger in her vagina. Before too long, she had a nice hard orgasm, her girl cum was all over my hands. Next it was my turn. She did a good job rubbing my clit and tits, but I wanted to cum hard with this girl. So I reached into my suitcase and pulled out my dildo. She started sticking it up my pussy nice and hard. I came not too long after, my hips and legs tensed up, and I started making orgy noises. We made out again, and for the rest of camp, we slept in the same bed. Who ever said band kids can't have fun!

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