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My Friend Ronny

When I was a kid I had a friend named Ronny, who was totally uninhibited. I don't know exactly what age he started doing things, but I think we were about 8 when he first showed me his penis. He wasn't wearing underwear, and just pulled the leg of his shorts up, and he had a little boner. He said something like, 'See? Its hard. It feels good like that.' I was too surprised to react, but was interested in seeing his penis. He did things like that often, and once when playing in the woods he stripped naked and ran around with his little boner. I don't know why, but I was afraid to do the same, though I enjoyed watching him and did what he did in the privacy of my room at night.

One day we were in my bedroom playing. We were probably 10, when he suddenly pulled his shorts off and showed off his boner. He pulled my pillow down to his crotch and lay on it, humping it like mad. I had no idea what he was doing, but it was clear he was enjoying it. After a while he got real tense, and just held still pressing into the pillow so hard that his butt cheeks dimpled, and he breathed hard for a minute. Then he rolled off and merely said, 'Boy, that felt good.' I didn't know what he meant, but I did have a boner myself, and when he left, I did it, too, and found out what he meant.

I don't know why he always did those things in front of me, when I didn't do them, too, but I guess he was an exhibitionist. Despite not doing them with him, I learned all about naked sex play and masturbation from Ronny, and enjoyed it in private.

When he got to the age where he was just starting to ejaculate, he'd come over to my house almost every day, strip off his pants, and go to it with me watching. He had found a tub of vaseline at one point, and used that as a lube, and it was quite a sight. I'd do it myself after he left.

It wasn't until we were 13 that I joined him. One day he was going at it, and the sight just made me too horny, so I pulled my own shorts off and joined him laying on the bed, and we masturbated together. He watched me with great interest, and I, as usual, watched him. It was a great masturbation session, and we did it together all the time after that.

One day Ronny asked if he could do it to me. At first I said no, but finally relented, and really enjoyed it. I returned the favor, and from then we were hooked on doing it to each other every day. It was great fun.

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