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Hot Pussy

Horny, that was the word that would describe how I felt. I wanted... no needed something in me.

I was on the couch, in my living room all alone watching a porn movie. It was a lesbian scene which always gets me going. ALL of a sudden I can hear my dads car door slam. I quickly turn off the t.v. and run up the stairs.

Pacing around my room thinking about what I should do. I didn't have a toy, and I had left my electric tooth brush, in my purse which was at school. I decided I would just take a nap and maybe when I woke up I would be relieved.

BOY was I wrong. When I woke up I was even more horny. I couldn't bare it my panties were fully soaked. I grabbed my hair brush, lubed it up and slipped it in. The handle was thick and it felt so good. I stopped and took off my bra and shirt to get a wonderful look at my 36C cup titties.

I pinched and twisted my nipples while taking my wetness from my pussy and rubbing it all over my body. God I never knew I could be this horny. I shoved the brush deeper into me and began to rub my clit really hard. I had known that my dad would be calling me soon to help with dinner. I began to talk dirty to myself as my boyfriend would if he were fingering me. Moving the brush faster and faster with a couple of twists, I began to whisper ' OH you like that don't you, mmm you want some more huh harder don't ya'. God I was about to climax.

I could feel my orgasm about to come. I pulled out the brush and looked at how much I had cum. Man my brush was covered in a sweet whitish liquid. I shoved it back in me, pushing harder and harder and more and more deep. I began going crazy on my clit at the same time. I was in the zone my mind was only on an orgasm.

I opened my mouth so wide (my silent orgasm) but I couldn't keep quiet anymore. UHHH MMMMMM OH YESS. I had done it. my orgasm. I thought I was going to collapse. My pussy was on fire from how much cum had come out of me. I pulled out the brush. I finished up sucking on it for a while then rubbing it all over my nipples.

I had never masturbated like that. I cleaned myself. My dad popped into my room telling me that I should go take a shower cuz dinner would be a little late. I decided that I was still a little horny so I would have some fun in the shower....but that's another story.

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