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Dry Runs

When I was younger, I knew about masturbation and a little about sex, by my cousin telling me. (You may remember the story about walking in on my cousin just as he was at the point of no return). But one day I was riding my neighbor friend's horse with only a bridle. It fell down and as the horse was walking slowly along I reached down around its neck to retrieve the reigns and the most thrilling feeling came over me from the groin area. I nearly strangled the horse, with my hugging and putting pressure on my pubic area. For some reason I didn't realize that that feeling might be the feeling my cousin explained to me, but needless to say every time I got on that horse, I did the same thing getting a feeling that I cherished until the next time. However, there was never any signs of cum, so I guess they were dry runs, but oh how good it felt. How I wish I could recall those days, but I still enjoy the real thing and masturbate on an average of five times a week. Thanks for listening.

Posted on: 2007-05-30 00:00:00 | Author: