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Seduced in Movie Theatre & Car

One night when I was 16 I was driving around in the family car and decided to go to a movie in Pompeno Beach, Fla. during Summer vacation. Well I'd been in there for a about half an hour and this guy who was a little older sat next to me, which was strange to me because it was a week night and not very crowded. I had no experience with girls except kissing but sure wanted to find out all about it. Well this guy sort of laid his hand on my right leg and for some reason I didn't stop him. I was definitely horny. When I didn't stop him, he must have taken that as a sign to proceed. And when he moved his hand over very close to my zipper, I started to get a hard on. He felt that and just barely moved his hand until he was feeling my cock, very softly.

Then he rubbed softly for about 10 minutes and said could I drive him home and I said o.k. because he didn't have a car. We drove along Highway 1 toward Ft Lauderdale and he started talking about his going to an all boys school and they would get horny all the time and masturbate each other to relieve the pressure. He said pull over to the side of the road, it was a fairly secluded spot and kept on talking about masturbation and how it was o.k. for two horny boys to do it and he kept rubbing and said he would like to jack me off and would I do him. Meanwhile he had unzipped me, taken my dick out, unzipped himself and asked me to do him and I said no. He couldn't believe how large I was...a little over 7 inches long and 6 & 1/2 inches around (I've measured it many times). But his hand kept going up and down and it was feeling really super. God was he doing a good job. He pleaded with me to do him, but I wouldn't so he did himself while he did me. He kept on talking all this sexy talk and then he picked up his speed with both of us and in a few minutes we both erupted with two huge spurts of cum gushing over and over and his hands were covered with semen from both me and him.

Then I felt very guilty, never told him my name, thought he might try something else, but I was very strong, having been an athlete and could protect myself. But my fears were never tested. He told me to drive a few streets over and had me drop him off on a corner. Although I had guilt pangs, what he did felt very good and then I wanted to have a girl do it, which happened shortly thereafter.

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