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Hair Brush

Okay, well my boyfriend (Nick) and I have been together for some two years now.

When Nick and I are together they can't keep us off each other. When he went on a two week trip to Argentina I had nothing to help me at night. After laying on my bed thinking about Nick I felt myself getting wetter and wetter little by little. I had my left hand and started to feel my pussy and I was wishing Nick was here with me so he can finger me and eat me out. I start to finger my wet pussy and I let out some moans here and there. Yet I couldn't come. what I needed was a hard dick with me so I could just fuck it.

I started to look around my room for something hard. I grabbed my hair brush and started to rub it around my pussy and started to debate if I should put it in or not. Right before I even finished debating I put in the hair brush deep and slow in to my pussy. I started to go slow but when I went faster and faster I could not help it but I started to moan 'faster faster' then I came all over it. When I took it out of my pussy I looked at in and then I just put it on my dresser and went to sleep.

Posted on: 2007-04-19 00:00:00 | Author: