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What a Shocking Question

I was 16 and on my second date with Johnny. He had been very nice to me and I was looking forward to lots of dates with him. We'd been to a show and then had a bite to eat. Johnny then took me to a place on the edge of town that over looked our town. It was very romantic like.

Then, Johnny shocked me with a question. He asked me 'Have you ever done anything sexual with a boy before'? I told him 'No'. He then said 'I don't mean just having sex with a boy. There are other things'. I then ask 'What do you mean'? He ask 'Have you ever gave a boy a hand job before'? I told him 'No'. Johnny said 'I've never gotten one from a girl before'.

We sat there for awhile and then Johnny ask 'Would you like to try it'? I said 'Johnny! What's gotten into you'? Johnny said 'I don't know. I've just always had this urge'. Well, deep inside I'd always been curious about that thing boys have down there ever since I'd learned about them and seen them on little boys. I knew this was my chance to satisfy this curiosity. So, I said 'If you really want me to'. Johnny then ask 'You really mean it'? I said 'Well, I guess so'.

Johnny then said 'Want to feel it first'? I looked over at his lap and could easily see it in his pants. I said 'OK' and reached over touching it. Johnny said 'Your touch feels good. Are you ready to see it now'? I said 'Go ahead'. Johnny didn't waste any time getting his pants down. He then sat there looking at me looking at his big hard dick. It looked enormous to me. He then said 'Well, aren't you going to do it'? I slowly reached over and touched it. It felt so smooth. When I touched it, Johnny said 'Ah, yes. That feels good. Here, take it like this' as he put my hand around it. He then showed me how to move my hand and again told me 'Ah, Samantha. That feels so good'.

I continued moving my hand on it and it wasn't long that Johnny said 'Ah, I'm almost there. Don't stop. Let me cum'. He let out a grunting sound as the first shot of the thick white stuff shot from his dick. When I first saw this I said 'Oh my gosh'! He continued shooting the stuff several more times before it was just oozing out. It was all over my hand now and it felt so warm. Johnny then reached in the back seat for a towel. He had obviously planned this. We cleaned up and Johnny then pulled his pants back up. He told me how good I had made him feel.

From then on, all Johnny ever wanted to do was have me jerk him off. He then started running his hand under my skirt feeling my legs and pussy thru my panties and asking me to take them off. I knew what was coming if I kept on with this and that he'd soon want more than my hand. So, I stopped seeing him. I wasn't at all ready for that.

Well, that was my first experience with giving a boy a hand job. I'm now an expert at it, thanks in part to Johnny.

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