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Uncle Ken's House Keeper

Sure enjoy reading all these stories. Now, for mine and is very true.

I was 16 at the time. It was Summer and I went to visit my Uncle Ken who I seldom got to see as he lived 500 miles from us. He was quite well off and had a small ranch although his work was in the oil business. He and Aunt Bell lived in a large beautiful house on the ranch.

On my first morning there, I got up and took a shower. When I got back to my room I walked in on Lupe; Uncle Ken's house keeper. She was a real pretty Mexican woman in her thirties. She was in the process of making my bed and was stretched out on the bed reaching for a pillow. From where I was standing when I walked in I could see right up her skirt and what a sight it was.

Naturally, a sight like this on an always horny 16-year-old boy certainly did have an almost instant effect on me. I was wrapped in my towel and was otherwise butt naked. Lupe raised up and looked at me smiling and introduced herself to me. We stood talking for a minute and I noticed her glancing down repeatedly. I then looked down and saw what she kept looking at. The view I had did do it's thing to me and I was sporting quite a tent effect on my towel.

I quickly put both my hands in front of it and backed up telling her 'Opps; I'm sorry'. Lupe just smiled and said 'It's OK'. All said and done, this encounter sure broke the ice between Lupe and me.

The next morning, I slept a little later and was just lying in bed when there was a knock on the door and then Lupe walked in. She saw me in bed and said 'Oh, I'm sorry' and started to leave. I told her 'Come on in. I'm about to get up anyway'. She came on back in and went to the windows to open the blinds. She was wearing a tighter dress on this day and I noticed her boobs and then when she turned to the windows I had a good look at her ass. She had a very shapely, beautiful body. Needless to say, this had a near immediate effect on my 16-year-old mind and body.

I was under a sheet wearing a pair of boxer shorts. Sure enough, my dick started to rise again because of Lupe. She turned facing me and couldn't help but notice the 'tent' in my sheet. I was laying there with my arms under my head looking at her. When she turned she said 'Again'! I then looked down and saw what she was talking about and again threw my hands down there to cover it. Lupe walked over to the side of the bed and while looking at my hands said 'You can take your hands away. I don't mind'. I then slowly pulled my hands to my sides.

Here I was laying there with a very obvious erection and a beautiful woman looking at it. You can't imagine the thrill this was to me. My dick was literally throbbing from the excitment. Then Lupe did it. She sat on the side of my bed and reached over with her hand and touched my dick through the sheet. Her hand felt fantastic. I'd never been touched there by a girl before although I'd often dreamed of this.

Lupe then pulled the sheet off of me. I was near coming off just having this woman looking at my dick for the first time. I was laying there looking at Lupe's boobs and up her skirt as she put her hand around my dick. She was just slowly moving her hand over it but this was all it took. Off I went and the cum really flew. I'd never come so hard in my young life as I did then.

On this morning, Lupe had to strip the sheets thanks to my cum stains on them. I was there for a month visiting and during that month when my uncle and aunt were at work and not at home, Lupe and I would get together. Thanks to her, I got to know about the wonders and softness of a woman's body and what a pussy looks and feels like. She showed me how to bring her off using my fingers but would never let me enter her sweet pussy with my dick as much as I wanted to. And almost daily, she brought me off with her wonderful expert hands. When it came time for me to go home I sure didn't want to. And I knew when I got home that I would never be the same and my girlfriends over the years sure benefited from what Lupe tought me that month.

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