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Her Touch

I can't really say what it is about her. Maybe it's her long china black hair or her thick lashes or her strong features, but I find her sexy in her own way. Today she touched my neck while we were in her car. She only touched me because she was demonstrating an act she saw by someone else, but when she touched my neck an electric sensation rushed through out my body. I kept still not wanting to betray my feelings, but inside I felt a delicious wave wash over me. Her hands were soft and smooth. It was tentative like a flutter quick almost teasing, like little lips kissing my neck. My head buzzed and I wanted to moan. Her touch is forbidden perhaps that is why it feels so good it's random and unintentional but when I feel her hand brush against my skin, it's a rush to my senses. My fantasy is her prolonged touch her cool fluttering massage that could easily lead me to orgasm. I imagine her hands delicately smoothing over my lower back bringing my senses to a higher awareness. Quickening breath, sucking sensation of air and a tingling jolt down my back that makes me want to faint. My focus is on the feeling of her touch that body electric that generates intense arousal at the base of my neck and works its way into the deepest corners of my brain. A pulsating mind orgasm without the need for bodily stimulation tantric in proportion. This is how her touch makes me feel...

Posted on: 2007-02-14 00:00:00 | Author: