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'Man. I Need Some Pussy'!

Six months ago I started to work for a contractor working in the mountains that requires us to live on the job for a month at a time. This sure isn't easy on a young man my age, if you know what I mean. I remember that first outing and our finally returning to civilization and girls.

We got to our home base quarters, I got cleaned up and dressed up and yelling to my fellow workers 'Man, I need some pussy'! One of the guys told me 'I know what you mean. Would you like to know where you can go and get some'? I said 'Hell yes! Tell me'. He told me about this house on the south side of town and this girl there named Rosie and how good she was. He said 'I've had some of it and I know'. He then drew me a map of how to get there. He said 'just tell her Jay sent you'. I thanked him and headed to town.

I headed stright to the house Jay told me about with nothing on my mind but pussy. I got there and went to the door and knocked. The door opened and there stood one of the most pretty women I'd ever seen. After a month in the mountians, she looked even better. She was in her 30s I was sure and had a fantastic looking body in her tight fitting shirt and pants. Oh, did she ever fill those pants out nice. I asked her 'are you Rosie'? She answered 'yes'. I said 'I was told to tell you Jay sent me'. When I said this, she smiled.

She invited me in. She closed the door and looked at me and asked 'did Jay tell you how much it was'? I answered 'no; we didn't even talk about that'. Rosie then said 'you're here for what I think your here for, aren't you'? I carefully looked at her and in a real low voice said 'pussy'. She then said 'well, you certainly are here for what I thought you were'. Then she asked 'how long were you up working in the mountains'? I told her 'a month'. Then she said 'that's a long time to go without any pussy'. I answered 'no kidding'.

I then asked Rosie 'well, how much is it'? She said 'I usually get $60. But for you this one time, you can have it for $40'. I'd shot stright over to Rosie's and didn't even think about picking up some protection (condoms). So I asked Rosie 'do you have a condom'? Rosie said 'no. They usually bring there own if they use them'. I wasn't about to get her pussy without one. So, I then said 'ah shit'.

But, I was there and Rosie was sure looking good and I didn't want to leave. I was just dying to get my hands on a woman so bad and get my rocks off one way or another. I then told her 'I sure don't want any pussy without a condom and I'm sure horny. Is there anything else we can do being I'm here'. Rosie then said 'some men come in to see me naked and feel my body and let me give them a hand job while they do'. I told Rosie 'from what I'm seeing, I'd sure love to get my hands on you and a hand job sounds real good to me right now'. Rosie then asked 'have you got $30'? I handed her $30 and she took me back to a bedroom.

Rosie told me to take off my pants and went to another room. When she returned, I was standing there with a full blown hardon and Rosie was buck naked. And, what a body! She stood in front of me showing it off by doing a slow 360. She laid on the bed spreading her legs and opening her pussy for me to see. She got up, bent over the bed and shook her ass right in front of me. Oh, did she look good when she did this. She then turned to me and said 'are you ready'? Oh, was I ever. She said 'lay down on my bed'. I did and Rosie poured some baby oil on my cock. I reached over feeling her ass and thighs. Then, I felt her tits. This woman felt so soft. Her hand touched my cock and went around it. She started to slowly stroke it. I had my hand right between her legs feeling the wonderful softness of a woman there while the back of my thumb was rubbing her pussy. I could feel the tingles of my orgasm quickly building in me. I knew I wasn't going to last but seconds. Rosie knew it and she took her well lubed hand and went up and down the full length of my cock the head and all making her hand fill almost as good as being deep inside a wet warm pussy. And did I ever cum! The first shot went all the way to the head board of the bed. The next hit me on my neck. I'd never cum so hard before. Rosie sure knew what she was doing and how to make the most of pleasing a man's cock.

I've been a regular customer of Rosie's ever since. I'd even got a girlfriend and I'd still go back to see and feel Rosie and have her perform her magic on me. She is that good!

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