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About the time I was 12, a girl friend and I were allowed to go to the movies together once a week. She was the sister of a friend with whom I had a long time mutual masturbation relationship which she was aware of. I had been a compulsive masturbator for about 2 years at the time. When we went to the movies, she wore a long full skirt, but no panties. When the lights were lowered, she would spread her skirt so that it covered my lap, and I would spend the hour or two of the movies stroking her clit while she jerked my penis. Both of us had orgasms mine being dry. I often wondered if our parents suspected what we were doing. Although my parents never said anything to me about masturbation, they must have known I was into it after I began using vaseline as a lube because of the great increase in its consumption. I'm sure my girl and I were at least suspected.

Posted on: 2003-04-12 00:00:00 | Author: