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Lake House

I started to date a girl name Ally in September when we met at a high school game. My younger brother was playing and Ally's sister was the head cheerleader. We started to talk and I asked her out on a date. The date went great and in a few weeks we were dating. I lived a few towns away and Ally still lived at her parents house. Ally worked at the school after her parents moved into town. Ally stayed over on weekends and we cuddled in bed most Saturday and Sunday nights.

When it became winter my parents went to the lake house and got it ready for the snow. My parents tried to go every weekend. For the new year we were invited to stay with them. It would be my younger brother and sister, and a few of their friends. We went and my dad put us in the larger room and put the beds together. The first day we were skiing and tubing and fell asleep right away. The next day we did the same but I was very horny and tried to have some sex with Ally. She kept telling me no because my brother was next door and my parents above us. I slid up Ally's nightgown and rubbed her ass. She loved this and then I reached around and started to rub her pussy. She was wet and rolled towards me. I was soon rubbing her clit and she had a silent orgasm by putting her face into my chest. Ally now looked at my bloated dick and took hold of it and started to rub it up and down. She went to work and in minutes made me cum.

The next morning Ally and I were leaving and my mother looked at me and smiled and winked at Ally.

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