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My First Time Masturbating

Ok this is the story of my first time masterbating. Well lets see I guess it started when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I was taking a bath and a bar of soap fell off the edge of the bathtub onto my penis so naturally I reached for the soap without giving it a second thought. So I grabbed for it and missing it I grabbed my penis at the tip part and while holding on my hand slipped off because of the soap on my hand from earlier and it felt so good my heart was beating fast I thought what did I do?

So next bath I thought aabout it the whole bath. I decided to try something and slid closer to the fawcet and put both my legs on the edge and using my hands I grabbed the sink and hoisted myself up it felt so good so I sat there taking breaks from time to time and then I did it one last time I hoisted myself up and sat there for a moment then BAM I felt stuff come out my penis I couldn't see it because of the flow of water.

A few days after I went up to my room and started to experiment I found out that if I (I don't want to explain how to do it so I'll just say what it is, it is humping) humped my bed or pillow the pillow was my favorite I could feel that sensation.

When I was about 11 things were pretty much the same until one day I was in the tub doing what I did my dad or mom came in I forget but they brought me some clothes I forgot to grab for my blanket and saw me I shot back off it trying ro hide what I did my mom or dad just stood there put the clothes on the rack then left I heard them talking about it I got out and they didn't say anything.

A few months later just humping the pillow and because it wasn't enough I stopped the bath thing so I decided there must be a way to get that sensation and being able to hide what I was doing much easier I had nooo idea of what else to do then I remembered the first time I felt the feeling so I decided to take my hands and rub the tip of my penis it felt so very very good but I couldn't stand it for more then 2 seconds, not that it hurt but it felt too good that I got paralyzed or I'd keep making my hand stop not on purpose so I thought there must be another way so I found out that by taking my skin on my penis (I don't have a foreskin for those wondering) and rubbing it up and down I could stand it for ever until I shot this liquid out of it I looked at it and decided it wasn't pee so I cleaned myself off with a towel and tried it every day then in sixth grade we took sex ed and it was sperm and so I knew it wasn't harmful so I do the same thing nearly everyday (even sometimes at sleepover when my friends are sleeping)

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