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My Swimming Tutorial

When I was younger and on a summer school break, my mom enrolled me to a swimming individual tutorial in a nearby swimming school. My schedule was in the late afternoon, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. My teacher was a young lady, 24 years old, 5'4', straight black hair, athletic and sporty in figure, smooth firm legs and arms, and not so big tits, fair in complexion.

One evening after my swimming lessons while preparing myself to go to the shower, my teacher - Sol is her name - joined me in the shower room accompanied by the pool life guard on duty. They explained to me that the female shower room is closed for some drainage fixing that night, and that the teacher could take shower in the male shower room as we were the only ones in premises.

I went to one of the shower compartments and took my shower leaving behind my trunks and other stuffs at the locker and bench just a few meters away. My teacher took the compartment next to mine. At that time, I was already curious about girl's body and anatomy, and I have touched myself already then.

While her shower was on, I walked out my shower pretending to have forgotten my shampoo in the bench. I took a glance at the compartment of my teacher and saw that her curtain was not fully closed to the wall. About an inch opening was left on each side, and I could see her standing facing the shower shampooing her hair, her back to the curtain. She was still in her swimming top and bikini.

I went back to my shower but my mind was kept on the image I saw. I opened the shower and pretended to be taking mine, but I peeped through the opening in the curtain of the compartment where my teacher is taking her shower. I was very nervous and my throat was dry, my heart was pumping fast. I felt a sense of relief when I saw that she was still facing the shower. The next thing, she took off her top, then soaped her breasts, arms, armpits, shoulders, face, then her back. To rinse her back, she rotated to have her back to the shower. So I retreated and soaped and rinse myself as well, which I did very quickly. Then I went into peeping again. Her back was again to the curtain. I saw her slightly letting loose the sides of her swimming bikini, then pushed them down to her thighs, then knees. As she stooped down to her ankle to pickup the bikini, her buttock was totally towards the side where I was peeping.

I saw the slice of her butt and a part of the lips of her vagina and some hair in those areas. I was trembling and my heart pounded a lot. And I had a truly amazing erection just watching her taking a bath. She soaped her legs, her belly, her hips and waists, her butts. She would stoop down every now and then to soap her lower legs, toes and heels. And as she would bend down every now and then, I had a perfect view of her anus and lower part of her genitalia. She even opened her thighs a bit apart and soaped her vagina.

I could no longer take it so I went back to the shower, and masturbated using the soap as my lubricant. The feeling was great as I stroke the head of my penis several times, then push down to the shaft interminently. I sat on the floor with my back to the shower, thus the water was on my head. I stretched my legs out and I was almost laying down. I used my left hand to support my upper torso while my right hand was rubbing and stroking my penis. I closed my eyes and my mind was so filled up with the image I just saw. And in no time at all, I squirted loads of my sperm in my belly, with the water from the shower washing them away.

I regained myself and stood up to fully rinse my body. By then, the water from the shower of my teacher stopped. She's done taking her shower. And I'm done with my shower and squirting my sperm too. I went out the compartment to the bench. I saw my teacher drying herself out with the towel totally facing the curtain. I turned around and dressed up.

She went out of the shower with the towel wrapped around her body. I avoided facing her and even taking a glance to her direction.

We went home after that. But that night, I masturbated about twice before falling into sleep and once when I woke up, with the image of my swimming teacher in mind.

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