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Crowded House

I have a step brother who is a year younger than me, when we were younger we would do stuff.

it all started because I didn't have any moment of privacy all day... my house was constantly crowded growing up, I had to share a room, bathrooms, everything. the only time I could find to masturbate was slim to none and my hormones were becoming more exagerated by the day. me and my step brother were the first two home after school, we went to the same school, even then, I couldn't use my room because of other siblings who didn't go to school yet.

after school I would get into a pair of thing fabric shorts, take off my panties, and play with myself under a blanket with my brother sitting feet away from me focused on the t.v. I was very good to hold in my moans and often even pretend that I was napping facing the other way.. I could masturbate to 2 and 3 orgasms a day without anyone knowing.. though the smell of my pussy became evident underneith the blanket.. on one particular day I guess I was extra wet and I was sort of making a smacking sound on my strokes cause my brother asked me what I was doing. I said nothing... startled I stopped for the day and by the next day I was at it again, my hormones made me entirely forget about getting caught the day before, when in the middle of it my step brother came over, and lifted the blankets of me. the smell of me was everywhere and my hands were in my shorts, I was caught. he told me he wouldn't tell my friends if I let him dry hump me.. humping was actually my favorite technique on the odd occation I had an opportunity to have the house to myself. I said okay, I assumed he would leave his pants on and just rub against me.. but in a second he was pulling his pants to his ankles, sporting a good sized erection, getting between my legs and pressing firmly against my pussy.. the fabric of my shorts allowed him to feel my wetness and create a good friction on my pelvis. I didn't come that first time by many times after I would cum against his erection.

when he came it spurt all over my shorts and my belly, though I didn't ever get to see it happen. everyday after school he would hump against me, even make up excuses to get me into his room. often before school he would sneak into my bedroom and rub up against my panties and soak them in cum.

we both started dating the next year and things slowed down. but I still masturbate thinking about that part of a year we spent innocently experimenting.

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