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First Steady Boyfriend

Way back when I was 16 I had my first steady boyfriend. We just hung around with each other when we could sharing a kiss quite often and just really taking in this 'love' thing and the thrill it brought. Things changed for us one night at a friend's birthday party.

The party was at her house in the back yard besides there pool. We could swim, music was being played and kids were dancing. Everyone was having a great time. Before too long I and Kenny (my boyfriend) were up dancing. It was a slow song and he and I were dancing real close. Both of us were in our swim suits. It wasn't long and I could feel Kenny's penis rubbing against my lower belly. It was obvious Kenny was getting aroused because it was hard. I looked up at him and he smiled back out me. As we danced I pushed into him harder so I could really feel it. It felt so good against my belly.

At this time I looked up at him and told him 'it feels good'. Kenny replied back to me 'if only you knew just how good it feels'. The ice was broken. Our little 'love affair' was about to turn sexual. Kenny then asked me 'would you like to feel it better'? I told him I would. Kenny led us over to where our towels were and grabbed his towel wrapping it around him. I knew exactly why he did this. We then told everyone we'd be back in a little bit and went out to his car.

We drove to the end of the street where there were no houses and parked. We kissed and Kenny took my hand and placed it on his hard penis and let out a little groan when I touched it. I told him 'Kenny. It feels so big'. He then asked if I wanted to see it. I told him yes. He raised from the seat and pulled down his swim suit. There it was. My first penis. It stood straight up. Kenny then asked if I'd rub it. I told him yes and I reached over putting my hand around it. It felt so smooth yet so hard. Kenny was so aroused that he showed me how to stroke it and it didn't take long at all and he went to groaning and his breathing became laboured and he held the towel over and had me lay it on the towel. I got to see it come off and his cum started squirting out onto the towel. It was so neat to see this I thought to myself.

We wiped ourselves off and headed back to the party. On our next date we got into mutual masturbation. It felt so wonderful having Kenny's hand and fingers bring me off. From then on until we broke up this was the central part of our dates. Kenny got to where he wanted to enter me and I wouldn't let it go this far. He ended up with another girl from our school and it wasn't long and she became pregnant. Pretty obvious Kenny finally did get into some pussy. Glad it was her's and not mine for I sure wasn't ready for this.

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