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He Sure Wanted in My Pussy

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Back when I was 16 (26 now) I started dating. It was at this time that my mother sat me down for a talk about boys and sex in general. It was a good thing for her words sure prepared me for things to come.

She told me that the biggest thing on a boys mind, especially at the age you'll are now, is getting 'that thing they have between there legs into that thing you have between your legs'. This was how she put it. She went on to tell me that 'you can easily become the same way wanting that thing they have in you just as bad as they want to put it in' and 'you well know about the facts of life' which I certainly did. Mom then even went on to tell me that she knew what she was talking about and that this was how her big brother came to be. She said I had a good dad and that they were in love and still are but that there are boys out there who only look at this as a way to 'get there jollies' as they don't have to concern themselves with the possible complications of 'getting there jollies' which is getting pregnant.

Sure enough, things happened. I had my second date with Johnny and on this night we started kissing and making out some. Before too long Johnny was all over me. It felt good and I'll admit I was sure getting warmed up to his advances and could feel my pussy really getting wet. Johnny's hand was rubbing my breast thru my blouse and it felt so good having him touch me there. Next thing I knew Johnny took my right hand and placed it down between his legs over his very hard penis and showed me what he wanted me to do which was to rub on it. He went to breathing more rapidly. He then slid his hand down to between my legs and started rubbing me on my pussy through my pants I was wearing.

Johnny then started telling me how much he wanted me. He then reached down and opened his pants and dropped them showing me his big hard penis telling me 'see what you do to me'! He then put his hand back over my pussy telling me 'come on Gail. I need in your pussy so bad. Look at me'! I told him 'no' and 'I'm sorry I do that to you'. Again, my mom's teaching came to good use. She had told me about how boys and men 'play with themselves' by jerking off and she had even told me that she often did this to my dad when she couldn't have intercourse with him and that sometimes 'this is what you dad wants' and that most men 'just love it'. So I reached over and put my hand around Johnny's penis and told him 'I'll play with it but that's all'! He said 'OK just as long as you make me come. I have to come so bad'. I went to stroking him and Johnny leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes and I could see he was really enjoying it. It wasn't long when he tensed up humping his hips and finally gave me the first sight I'd ever had of a boy squirting his cum. It went all over Johnny's shirt. I was surprised at the force it had when it came out. Johnny was making all kinds of sounds when he came. I remember thinking how cool it was.

The next morning I told my mom about what had happened and thanked her for her 'lessons'. I did continue to date Johnny and after that night we did have an understanding. Of course I knew he'd still had loved more than anything to get into my pussy but he was more than satisfied with my hand jobs. We eventually got into mutual with each other so I too got to having the pleasures of having 'hand jobs' performed on me too.

Owed to my mom indeed.

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