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My Glove Love

I hadn't been masturbating for quite some time, just busy with everything, I guess it could of been two months or so, so I was aching for a good session.

I knew I was going to have a big session, so I decided upon buying some rubber gloves. Upon arriving at the supermarket I realised there was more to it than I first thought. There was the disposable, heavy duty, silverlined, flock lined, $5 ones, 40c ones, in the end I got two of each.

My excuse at the checkout? Working bee at some school (I forget what I said but it worked)

Living alone has its advantages. So I locked all the doors and closed all the blinds and windows and I just strip nude ready and raring to go (admittedly I was ready before I even got to the supermarket).

I open up the latex disposables first. Different but interesting. I just start rubbing my balls then the head. I try a couple layers to see if there is any difference. not doing a whole lot for me at this stage, so I try a bit of lube. Bit more arousal but nothing, so I chuck em off and in the bin (I saved the rest mind you)

I open up a packet of one pair called Super gloves or whatever, basically two colours, the wrist part being a different one. Man it was good, not great, but just good. I go through one of each trying out whats good. One guy can't hold off for that long, so I find the best one, turn it inside out, put it over my cock and just slowly pump it till climax. Oh man it was like a load off my shoulders (pun intended.....maybe)

I sort the ones I like to the ones I dont, I put aside the rough ones, and keep them for actual work, or when im feeling adventurous.

I pick up the ones I like and take them to where the spa is, I wait for it to heat up and for the next hour or so, I just go nuts. The water adds to the experience, although not necessary as I can use them dry as well.

For what seems like ages I get out, grab a glove, give a few good pulls, and come onto the floor mat (needed a wash anyway).

I grab out all the gloves and just leave them hanging around to dry in the laundry. I grab a towel, put it around my waist and just collapse onto the couch feeling satisfied. I find a dry glove on the floor, put it on one hand, and just fondle away till I fall asleep.

Few hours later, have another pull, put away the gloves, and clean up and get dressed feeling refreshed.

Posted on: 2006-10-04 00:00:00 | Author: