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It Squirted! Is That What a Guy Feels?

Ever since I first saw a man naked I have always been somewhat fascinated with how it must feel to have a penis. I always love to slowly stimulate my clitoris and imagine that's the way it must feel for a man when he masturbates. It seems like it must feel absolutely incredible to have a big hardon and feel the semen gushing up through your penis right at the height of orgasm. I always wonder how their balls feel when this happens also.

I came closer to my all time fantasy about two months ago when my friend since high school had a birthday party for another mutual friend. She let everybody know beforehand that this party would be fun, and that in addition to a birthday present, everybody should bring one other inexpensive gag gift for one of the other guests. To make things easy, she told us who we would be buying for, and that the sexier we made this the better.

When the night of the party arrived, we all showed up and it seemed we began laughing about everything. Several naked man calendars were given, as well as a naked playing cards, and various sexual toys. I received a big vibrator in the shape of a penis, with veins and everything. When I opened it up, I laughed it off as everyone else was doing, but on the way home from the party I started thinking about what I was going to do with my new electric friend, and started getting really excited.

Although I've masturbated many times since I was a child, I had never owned a vibrator before and had never tried one either. When I got home, I immediately put batteries into the vibrator and climbed into bed. I began by running the vibrator over my breasts for what seemed like about 15 minutes. Then I moved it down to my crotch and touched it next to my clitoris. WOW! I couldn't hold it directly onto it because it was too sensitive, but right next to it was wonderful. After only about two minutes of this while imagining the images of the naked men pictures I had seen earlier that night, I began to feel a new sensation. I felt the familiar orgasm coming on, but I also knew this orgasm was going to be very different from any other I had ever had.

I began to feel the most incredible feeling, starting in my clitoris and moving out to the rest of my body, like my clitoris was somehow connected to some source of electricity and was really buzzing. Usually my orgasms have the sensation of drawing something into my body, but this time I felt like I needed to release something. All of a sudden, it hit. The most fantastic orgasm I had ever felt. Then something else happened. Some sort of strange liquid squirted out of my vagina, with a fairly forceful squirt. I can only describe it as the most wicked and erotic feeling I have ever felt! At first I thought I had somehow pissed, but the liquid was a little thicker than that, even though it was mostly clear.

That was the most heavenly feeling in the world. If this is how it feels for a man when he ejaculates sperm during orgasm, I want to come back as a man in my next life! What an incredible feeling of release. Now I know why they always only want one thing. My fascination with male ejaculation has only increased as a result of this wonderful experience.

I've tried to recreate this and squirt again using the vibrator, but so far have been unsuccessful. I think I was just so horny that night that my body went beyond the call of duty to release its tension. I hope I can get it to do this again soon!

Posted on: 2006-10-02 00:00:00 | Author: