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Sex Filled Afternoon

I came home from school today to find my boyfriend in bed still. I got in bed with him and he softly laid his head on my chest. He ran his hand up and down my shirt and finally underneath it. This led to his hand going into my pants. He realized that I was wet, but pulled out his hand.

I walked into the kitchen and he followed a few minutes later. He came up behind me and started to massage my breasts through my shirt. I turned around to him and he pulled me over to a chair. He sat in the chair and I sat in his lap facing him. He took off my shirt and bra and I took off his shirt. I ran my hands and fingers all along his chest. I could feel him getting hard so as he sucked my nipples I took his pants off of him and he did the same for me. He was already standing straight so I pulled myself up and lowered myself onto his cock. I hugged his tightly while he was in me.

He started to carry me to the bedroom, but I told him to put me up against the wall. He was reluctant at first, but he did. As we walked with his dick in me felt soo good! We fucked for a while with me up against the wall, but then proceeded to the bedroom. I got down from him carrying me and he bent me over the edge of the bed. He started fucking me in the pussy from behind. While he did this he also rubbed my nipples. I rubbed my clit and fondled his balls. He and I both moaned in pleasure. I could tell he was getting close so as I thrusted forward I took him out of me and turned around and started sucking him. As I did I fondled his balls again. Then I stuck two fingers in his ass. This got him even longer that what he already is. I stopped sucking and made my way behind him and started licking his asshole. He loves that. Then he put me on the bed and we started doing 69. When he was almost there this time he put his dick back inside of me and we came together.

We laid there for a minute and I held him close to me. He carried me to the shower and I sucked him again.

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