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Steamroom Dad

When I was 15 years old I used to go to the gym with my friend and his dad.We would work out and then hit the steamroom and showers.At that time I probably got about a dozen or so erections a day.I had been masturbating for about 2 years twice a day.However this time I had spent the weekend at my grandparents house and hadn't cum in three days.

When we finished working out we got naked and went in the steamroom.My friend's dad has a habit of playing with his wedding ring(twisting it and sliding it on and off his finger).Watching the married naked guys walking around the backroom with their cocks and balls swinging back and forth got me a little hard.My friends dad was bigger flaccid than I was hard.So I guess he was pretty hung.

When we sat down in the steamroom glimpsing his ring got me excited.I tried to look away which worked for a little bit but then he started playing with it.This was the first time he did this in the steamroom.It was bad enough when we were clothed but naked was too much.Not having jerked off in days didn't help matters either.I started to get a semi and fought it the best I could.Then he puts his left hand on my thigh and tells me what a good workout we all had.I'm saying multiplication tables, everything to avoid humilation.At that time I stated leaking a little precum which was luckily hid by all the sweat.I thought I was out of the woods and I prayed we would get up and leave but my frieds dad starts at it with his wedding ring again.Twisting it and slipping it on and off while he talked.I started getting excited again,and then it happened.He slipped his ring off and it dropped on the floor.It made a tinging sound as it hit and rolled toward me.That made me hard as a rock.He said''Could you be a pal and get my ring for me?'I handed it to him and he slid it down his finger.Now seated and fully erect I crouched down as far as I could to hid my 'problem'.Both my friend and his dad decide now was the time to shower(of course it was).I had no choice but to stay and wait it out.About 10 minutes later the coast was clear and I hit the shower big time.

Three days of cum stored,a bottle of cream rinse,a big dick and a wedding ring.I believe it only took about 2 minutes to cum thinking about what had just happened.Although it didn't shoot it gushed out.I always rememered to to jerk off before the workouts after that.

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