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Older Masturbation Addict

I'm a lifelong masturbation addict and was thrilled to find this site several months ago. In all that time, I've been intending to write a story here but what always happens is that I start reading these stories and immediately start masturbating, and masturbate, and masturbate-and masturbate!-and never start writing!

Anyway, I have recently been inspired, especially by the three ladies in my own age group linked above (who have made me masturbate more than ever) to really try to stop masturbating long enough to write something.

I've been masturbating all my life and about 20 years ago finally allowed myself to acknowlege that masturbation really IS my favorite sex activity, always has been, and that I don't care if I never fuck again as long as I can masturbate all the time.

I masturbate every day, usually 2-3 times every day and always make each masturbation last at least an hour or two-I've become expert at this kind of 'edging', keeping myself right at that sublimely delicious edge of cumming for hours, then finally tumbling into the abyss, totally wasted, SHATTERED, stupid grin on my face, the works! Being now semi-retired I very happily often have the time to lie there and 'recover' for a half hour or so and start the whole deliciously sweet process all over again!

There is so much to share and I'm happy I finally got started, but there's no way I can get it all into one story-besides, I really can't wait any longer to masturbate again, so I'll sign off for now and continue later.

Now that I've found Solo Touch and particularly a few similarly addicted ladies, I have this wonderful new masturbation fantasy-that maybe I will finally find a female masturbation-addicted soulmate. Thank you Solo Touch and Thank You, Ladies-- don't ever stop masturbating, I LOVE it!!


Posted on: 2006-08-28 00:00:00 | Author: