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My Best Friend and I

Well my best friend and I shared a room at college and let me tell you she's a beautiful girl. So we both have been in serious relationships with men and have been dumped too.

Sarah, my best friend, had just been heartbroken so one night we were talking and she suggested she bring out her camcorder and we started kissing and making out and stroking each others bodies. She stripped off her clothes and I touched and rubbed her body, we got out whip cream and ate it off each other. Soon we were in her bed playing with ourselves screaming and moaning with the passion we both felt.

Soon she was finger banging myself and I was the same for her it was so kinky she started cumming on my middle finger, she licked it off, she licked my body up and down until her lips touched my own. It went on for another hour. Soon we both went to bed in the same bed. After that night we shared together with such passion we've been doing it every night so I've become bi and she has to sometimes when a man isn't loving you go to women they are just as good.

Posted on: 2006-08-21 00:00:00 | Author: