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Summer Surprise

This is a sort of strange masturbation story but I have read some other strange accounts on this site so I think maybe it fits after all. I am gay and am from a small farming town. As kids we had access to only one public pool and it was in a different town from mine. During the summer our school provided a swim bus and if you were free for the day (I usually had chores on a farm), you could take the bus to the pool, however, you had to stay at the pool all day.

Once in a while my best friend's dad would drive us to the pool in the evening when he got off work. This was something we both looked forward to because it meant you could swim for only a couple of hours and go home when you had enough of the water. What I really liked about going swimming with my friend and his dad was the fact that he always showered before and after swimming in the public dressing room shower and I got to watch. The men's dressing room had one large room with several showerheads, which meant you were all naked together with no privacy. I liked to watch his dad because he was a good-looking guy, kind of short, nice chest and body, narrow hips and naturally smooth. He barely had any body hair, just a little tuft of hair under his arms and sparingly surrounding his cock and balls, and very blonde. If I stared at him when he showered he always seemed oblivious so I never felt self-conscious about it. Additionally, he was a real friendly guy, was a good dad to my friend, never got irritated with us, and was the kind of father I would have liked to have had myself. My own dad was very much an asshole.

Because my friend and I grew up together we always had a good supportive relationship. We never competed with each other and we rarely argued. We were more like brothers than friends. It seemed pretty safe to tell him I was gay many years later around the time I was leaving for college. During college we stayed in touch but drifted apart. My friend was extremely academic and I was more or less the party guy and had joined a fraternity that was very all consuming. Although I was gay and out to my childhood friend, I was not out in college and no one would have ever suspected I was gay. I was, after all, raised on a farm and was also an athlete so I fit in well with the other guys.

During the summer when I wasn't attending classes, I spent some weeks back home and was somewhat able to re-connect with my friend because he was living at home following his graduation from college while he looked for work. It was nice spending time with him and I also enjoyed being around his dad again.

One night when I was at their home his dad said he wanted to watch the local softball game and asked us if we cared to come along. My friend said he was tired but I told his dad I'd be interested in going. They had a house in town so we walked to the schoolyard to watch the game. It was a very warm evening and there were just a few people sitting in the bleachers watching the game. My friend's dad and I took a seat on the bleachers and there was no one sitting in earshot so we could both speak pretty freely. I don't remember a lot of our conversation but at one point he confided to me that his son had recently told him I was gay. I was a little startled hearing this but he was such a nice guy that I soon realized he wasn't upset with me and, looking back, I think he was just trying to be open as well as wanting to let me know that since he knew me all my life he honestly cared about me.

At first it was a little awkward once he disclosed to me that he 'knew: but he asked thoughtful questions that until that moment I had never discussed with anyone. After the game (our local team lost) we started to walk back to his house, which was several blocks from the diamond. It was very dark walking the distance to his house and we continued talking about my life, eventually discussing when and how I knew I was gay. I confided to him that as long as I could remember I was always interested in guys and their bodies, etc. He seemed very surprised that I knew I was gay when I was so young. I suppose I felt a little giddy finally unloading so much of what I had always kept hidden because I eventually told him that as a kid I even enjoyed watching him shower at the public pool. He laughed softly and suddenly seemed to run out of conversation.

Suddenly I realized I made a mistake telling him this and I felt pretty embarrassed. He told me not to worry about it, that all kids fantasized and since I was gay, it would have been normal. Again there was silence as we continued walking home. Out of the blue he then asked me if I still fantasized about him. Suddenly I felt a chill run down my spine because I had a feeling something might possibly happen between him and I. I had messed around with a couple of straight guys over the years and this comment sounded a little familiar to me. I admitted that I still fantasized about him (thinking about him when I masturbated was old habit at this point) so I honestly answered, 'yeah, I still think about you'. The next statement he made will always remain with me because he said, 'would you tell me what you think about, I'd really like to know'.

Although I'd been very open with him moments earlier, I didn't want to push my luck so I gave him a very tame version of my fantasies by telling him I mostly thought about he and I playing with each other's cocks and jacking each other off. As we continued walking my cock had gotten so hard that it actually hurt because I was crazy excited discussing my fantasy with him. After several minutes he shared with me that he hadn't gotten off in several days and that, if I promised to keep it real quiet, he wouldn't mind if we played around a little. Honest to god, when he said that I thought I'd pass out I was that excited. I had fantasized about this guy for years and now, unexpectedly, he was letting me know he was willing to play with me.

I then asked him where and he said we could go into the field that surrounded the row of homes where he lived. We turned down the side street and didn't really talk much as we walked toward the field. I remember I was literally shaking at this point. The field was a basic cornfield but it was mid summer so the corn stalks were only waist high. We walked out into the field and he eventually stopped me saying this was far enough. We both sort of kneeled down and I started taking off my shirt and he following my lead. Although there was almost no moon at all, I could see him pretty well. He was older now but his chest looked much like I remembered from when I was a kid, smooth and hairless, defined. I was still shaking when I heard him begin to unbuckle his belt, standing for a moment to take his pants and boxers off and I quickly did the same.

Now we were both completely naked and I got my first glimpse of his meaty white butt and looked at his cock pointing straight up against his belly. Dropping back to our knees, I immediately reached for his cock as he gripped mine. He had to be close to 50 years of age at the time, his cock was throbbing and to me, felt like a baseball bat in my hand. He was also pretty well endowed and I was somewhat mesmerized by the way it pulsed with blood as I squeezed his shaft and played with his fat mushroom head. His touching me felt awesome too because his hands were big and rough from his job as he squeezed my shaft while caressing my chest, neck, and even my butt. We hardly spoke at all as we kneeled there in the dirt, playing with each other's hard boners. We probably spent about 15 minutes playing with each other and during that time, I didn't have the nerve to look him in the face. When I finally did, he was staring at me with what I can only describe as a shitty grin on his face. When he had my attention, he leaned in and started kissing me and I kissed him back by putting my tongue in his mouth. It was kissing his mouth and feeling his hot breath that brought me over the edge (too quickly) and I pulled back telling him I was cumin.

He squeezed my cock and began fisting me hard and fast while my orgasm began spreading from my gut, down to my nuts and shaft, as I began to shoot my load. At that point, I must have switched to autopilot, probably fisting him with the same frenzy because it seemed as though he started cumin just as the last wave of my own orgasm passed through my shuddering body. Once we recovered ourselves, he started to laugh and said, this outing was just between him and me and I told him you bet. We then walked back to his house but I didn't go in with him. It was many days before I saw him again and when I did he acted like nothing had happened but at one point, when looking at me, gave me a wink with that same shitty grin I remembered from the night in the cornfield. I prob jack off thinking about that incident more than any other.

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