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Girl and Her Toys

Well for a while now I have been talking to this girl, lets call her Abby, she is as horny as I am and she always helps me cum when were alone. She tells me stories about her and her stuffed animals, I know it sounds crazy but it turns me on so much I start by masturbating going into my usual position I sit on my legs in my computer chair, usualy with only my boxers, when Abby starts her story I lift myself up and take 2 fingers and my thumb (for more movement trust me ladies its big) and I start stroking my cock fast and hard as she types on.

I keep going harder and faster and trust me there is nothing that turns me on more than this girl, she is amazing and the most beautiful girl you will ever see. I keep going until I move forward and shoot my stuff all over my hands, she makes it feel so gooood

Posted on: 2006-07-15 00:00:00 | Author: