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Workplace Jackoff for Fun

I am a horny 29-year-old man and I have a boring job in Louisiana. In order to pass the time, I enjoy many workplace jackoff sessions. I work nights with only a handful of people, so I can practically stroke my dick anywhere as long as it is not caught on the security cameras. Once, I pulled my 6' inch cock out in the mens' bathroom urinal and stroked and shot a nice load into the urinal. Also, I stroked myself to orgasm and shot a huge load of cum onto the countertop in the mens' bathroom and wiped the load up and threw it in the trash. I have gone into one of the empty conference rooms and pulled my pants down and started stroking my dick there too. Then, I stood up on one of the chairs facing the wall in the conference room and pulled and stroked my cock until cum shot out just missing the wall and being soaked up into the carpet. The next place where I have choked the chicken is in the supervisors office. I was sitting in the comfy leather chair and I decided to pull my pants down and stroke my cock there too, as I pounded it fast and furious like, I shot a load into my hand and some landed onto the floor. I wiped the cum up and threw it away in the supervisors trash can. The thrill of it is so exciting, just thinking about my supervisors having to go through the trash can for something in the office only to find a big wad of dried up cum in a papertowel. That would be totally hilarious.

The last place I shot a wad was in the atrium part of building where all of the plants are located. I was there totally out in the open, pants and underwear down around my ankles. I started the jackoff session in the breakroom first, which is next to the atrium. Next, I casually walked out, still stroking my meaty cock for all its worth, towards where all of the plants are located. I continued to stroke and did a complete countdown, not even caring if someone from the night shift were to walk by at any moment. 10, 9, 8, 7,.... and so on until I shot the longest jet of cum. The cum stream hit the plants leaves and the rest went into the dirt. So, I guess that means the plants won't need anymore fertilizer, my hot cum should do the trick. Well, that's all for now, I will have to search for more places at work to jerk my cock and leave a nice load behind. I have also done this on many occasions at previous jobs. Have fun masturbating.

Posted on: 2006-07-12 00:00:00 | Author: