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Long-lasting and Stop N' Go

I've been masturbating since I was 12 and have tried almost every technique there is. I wank as much now I'm married as when I was single. My favourite is the long-lasting stop and go technique. I've wanked for 2 hours using this method and when I came it almost made me faint.

I usually wank to porn or if not available, I visualise fucking my wife from behind. I just love to hold her bottom whilst I'm screwing her and she loves it as well. So I imagine her bottom even when I am wanking and looking at porn.

So... the stop and go method.... I start by pulling my skin back, as I have a long foreskin, and stroke my 7' dick with my left hand. I like my dick as the head and shaft are quite wide and thick at 2' dia. so just seeing it turns me on. I pull the skin all the way back until the frenum is stretched hard, and I continue wanking. I keep this up for 10-15 mins until some pre-cum appears on the end of my dick. I then lick it - is that wrong? It sure gets me going. I keep wanking another 15 mins or so and more pre-cum appears, which I then rub around the top and underside of my cock. It makes it very horny and I really want to give in and come at this point. But I then wait and leave it for 30 secs, then continue. I keep this up and stop and start as much as I can. It gets to a point where I'm about to come, but I hold back and leave my cock alone. This is the best bit.... my cock then dribbles a small amount of white hot spunk - I leave my flat palm underneath whilst it's dribbling..... but I don't touch my cock and let it dribble some more. After a minute I squeeze my cock to get some more dribble out onto my palm and proceed to lick the cum, then I wipe it on the underside of my cock. I continue wanking until the next time - maybe 15 mins later - when this process is repeated.

After an hour and a half I'm at bursting point and just have to let it fly. I continue wanking in the same way as before then get to the point of no return, when I leave my hands off and let the spunk fly on its own without me touching my cock. My cock throbs and pushing out the spunk so forcefully I nearly faint. I shoot it about 3 feet across the PC desk and it sometimes hits the screen and the keyboard if I don't have a tissue ready in time to block it. I then clean up feeling quite exhausted. I love wanking and think I will continue doing it until the day I die!

Posted on: 2006-06-06 00:00:00 | Author: