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Contructing a Fantasy

There is construction going on at the house across from mine and because we are out in the suburbs, I don't think the construction guys realize that they can be seen or that anyone is watching. I only started looking because I was nosey about the house, but then some things caught my eye that were entertaining - as well as the fuel for many hot solo sessions.

There is usually a team of 5 guys, 2 older men (in their 50s and 60s, I'd guess, who must be supervisors because they are usually indoors or in their vans, and 3 younger guys in their 20s and 30s, I'd guess, outside and on the roof. Of course, working in construction and outdoors, they are tanned and in great shape. As the weather has warmed, they have been working without shirts. There has been nothing sexual, but definitely great fantasy for the imagination.

For example, one of the guys unzipped his jeans and pulled out his dick while walking toward the port-a-potty on the site. It wasn't hard, but it was out in the open for all to see. Another time when the port-a-potty was in use, another guy whipped out his dick and peed behind the structure, a long steady stream from which he seemed relieved, then vigorously shook his meat when he was done.

After work, the 3 younger guys are usually stuck staying later to load their tools back into the trucks. They sometimes hang around and drink a few beers, sitting, talking and presumably joking from the pushing and horseplay I can see.

Sometimes they will change from their work clothes into street clothes, either alone or all together, in the shelter of the garage that doesn't have doors yet so I see them in their underwear or naked if they aren't wearing any or changing those, too. It's sort of like a locker room and the guys will sometimes grab their crotches or snap their shirts or towels against another's butt and then chase each other. I've seen that happen when one of the guys is naked and his cock was swinging in the breeze. Even soft, it hung pretty low from a thick, black bush. And there are some dark tan lines visible revealing some very pale butt. Pretty hot to me.

The only thing that was somewhat sensual was when one guy hung around by himself after everyone had left. He was changing his clothes and then started talking on his cell phone which must have rung. I'm guessing it was his girlfriend because he was often smiling and blushing. While speaking he would give his package some good squeezes and an obvious bulge was growing in his underwear until it finally was tenting. I thought he might pull it out and start jacking while talking on the phone, but he just gave it some more strokes and squeezes, then finished dressing and sat in his truck. I strained to see if his arms were moving rhythmically like he was masturbating, but they weren't. When the call ended, he drove away. Of course, by that time, my underwear was tenting, too. Being in the privacy of my house, however, I pulled out my dick and jacked it hard until I shot a load so far that hit the window.

I realize that if the guys are working on the roof, they can see into the second floor windows of my bedroom and bathroom. I'm sure if I planned it right, I could put on quite a show for them...not that they'd be interested, although you never know. Horny is horny!

I hope the construction goes on for a while longer. I'll keep you posted.

Posted on: 2006-05-25 00:00:00 | Author: