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Masturbating To Pass the Time

I have a great wife. We have a good sex life that includes masturbation as a part of it. A long time ago we agreed masturbation was fun and erotic, and either one of us can do it whenever we get the urge. That would be together or by ourselves. Quite often, for example while watching TV in the evenings, I will just slip out of my pants and underwear and play with my hard-on and slowly jack it as she sits on the couch or love seat and watches TV.

Sometimes she will get out of her clothes and join me and we will watch each other. Saturdays are fun for us. We have actually sat on the couch naked all day long watching TV and I'll keep myself hard for hours ... not really jacking off but feeling myself, slowly stroking now and then ... and she will sit leaning back watching TV or me with a hand between her legs just keeping her pussy feeling good. We can play like this for hours and hours.

When it is chilly we have a blanket we throw over us. That darn thing has to be washed fairly often because it gets cum stains all over it. We have a blast doing this and we love it. Of course, we have regular sex too. Quite often we'll throw in a delicious oral session or we may screw right there on the living room floor. Masturbating together whenever either of us feels like it really gets us in the mood and it's an important part of our sex life.

If you are married and have never done this with your spouse, talk to him or her about it and at least try it once. I believe you'll find it to be quite thrilling!

Posted on: 2006-05-24 00:00:00 | Author: