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Bathtime Fun

I was running a bath, just an hour ago, when I remebered that there was a masaging-type 'thing' that we had. Basically, it takes water from the bath, and uses a pump to push it through a small hose, at quite high pressure.

Well, I thought, this might be fun. I had the house to myself, so I got it out and connected it up.

I got in the bath, lathered my self, and started to play with my cock. I turned the massager on and used the low setting to play across by balls and cock. I was hard as a rock now, so I stroked away, and put the massager onto high setting, and spread my legs, and lifted them out of the water and onto each side of the bath.

I've never used my ass in my sessions before, so the feeling was great (i'll be playing with my ass more now) and I nearly exploded straight away.

Well, I controlled myself, and started wanking, and after ten minutes or so, I felt myself cumming. I fired about 5 ropes of cum all over my face and chest, with the most intense orgasm yet. I finished it all off by eating up my cum

I'll be using my water massager more now :)

Posted on: 2006-05-13 00:00:00 | Author: