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Phone Fun

I was in a chatroom when I met Nico. A tall dark handsome man. I am married but Nico teased me about meeting him. Then one day he asked me to remove my panty. At first I objected but he pursuaded me. Then it got worse. One morning he asked me to remove my panties before I took my kids to school. When I got home I lifted up my skirt and fingered myself.

Hubby phoned later asking me to pick up something. I logged on via my mobile and talked to Nico. He convinced me not to wear panties to the store. He told me to tell him when I am back at the car, I complied. He told me to touch it. I masturbated in the parking lot and raced home to finish.

But Nico was not done. He told me to hump a pillow. This was kinky for me I came hard and long. I went to prepare lunch. I brushed the table with my clit. It shook me. I smiled and started grinding against it.

Posted on: 2006-05-06 00:00:00 | Author: