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Jerking With My Best Friend

Ok, just in case you didn't read my last story, my name is Lucky. I am about 175lbs, very muscular and got a big package for a 15-year-old. This is my first MM story but I have had many experiences. The story I am about to tell happened recently.

It was Monday and I was out of school for spring break. I slept until one and when I woke up called my friend Chris to come over and hang out. We rode our bikes and we got back about three. We messed around in the backyard for two hours but then a storm came in so we went upstairs to my room.

We played video games and we switched off every level. We were sitting on the couch in my room. I am sitting on the reclining part and he is sitting right next to me (it's a piece of a big couch). We started talking about sex and stuff. I asked if he ever noticed that your cock and balls are darker than the rest of your body.

He said 'Lets see shall we'. He pulled his pants off exposing his cock it was kinda hard and I got a glimpse but then my mom pulled in the driveway. So he put them back on. We ate dinner and he spent the night.

It was about 11:00pm and my mom was asleep. We were still playing games but he was sitting on my bed. I was sitting in my office chair.

'Dude can we please watch some porn?' he said

'Sure' I said

I turned around and his cock was hard and was huge, bigger than me. I could see it through his pants. So we stripped to our boxers and he sat on the recliner part of the couch and I laid on my bed.

I have cable so we found porn right away. It was hot so I just took off the covers and pulled down my boxers. My eight inch cock sprang out and I took it in hand and slowly stroked it. Chris had a small blanket over him. Now Chris is a big guy. He is 6'4' probably 215 pounds or more and brown hair.

I noticed shortly after I took off my boxers he did too, but remained under covers. I could tell he was stroking by the movement of his hand and plus his cock made like a tent out of that blanket. We jerked for like 45 minutes straight.

All of a sudden he pulls his cover off exposing his cock and his hand jerking it but it was hard to see because it was dark but then he covered it back up.

'Dude I gotta cum' he said.

'Just cum in the blanket' I said.

But he got up with his boxers back on and finished in the bathroom so I finished in my room. I came a lot but was mad I didn't see his cock that much. But it's not over.

When we woke up it was about 9:00am. He said he had to go home and do some chores but he would come back. He came back an hour later wearing sweatpants and a shirt. He wasn't wearing any underwear because when he ran up the stairs I heard the plop of his balls and cock on his leg.

'You wanna watch this DVD I found?' I said. It was a DVD my bro had had that I took since he's at college.

'Sure but I am not gonna jerk off with you' he said.

I put in the DVD and sat on the couch. I put my office chair between us just in case he did jerk off to make him feel more comfortable. I stripped and started to jerk. I wondered if he was but didn't want to embarass him or something.

Well my room is a little cramped so there's a mirror right next to my couch leaning against the wall. I turned my head and saw he had an erection through the mirror. I continued watching him play with himself under his sweatpants.

Well finally he pushed his pants down a little bit and his huge cock emerged. It was daylight so I could see it. It was at least nine inches. It was super thick and had many bulging veins. He then started to jerk off. I watched for like 10 minutes and we both cummed at the same time. I shot so much cum it took a beach towel to clean it up and the same for Chris. It was amazing.

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