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At the Service Station

When returning from a weekend break with my mum and sister in Amsterdam we stopped at a road side service station on the motorway. Since we were traveling by coach I didn't want to use the onboard toilet as the people might wonder what i was doing if i took ages!

Well anyway once we got to this place I was really needing a piss, I mean really needing. For some reason i get hard when I need a piss real bad, and lets just say I was HARD.

I got to the toilets and went to a stall, where i just opened out into the bowl, It felt great just pissing. I was still hard and began to read some of the messages on the stall wall. I sat back down on the toilet, and started stroking my 7 inch uncut cock. For 15 i was quite hairy and long and thick. I storked and stroked and rubbed my as with my free hand, untill i felt tight. Suddenly i arched my back, aimed my dick for the bowl andshot my load all over the toilet.

I quickly cleaned up and with my slowley subsiding dick, I left, and realised the guy next to me had spent a loooong time in the stall aswell, I knew he what he was doing.

Posted on: 2003-03-19 00:00:00 | Author: