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Friends First Time

I was sleeping over at my friends place and we were staying in the living room. Everyone else was asleep. We where playing truth or dare. I dared her to masturbate. She said,
'What is masturbation?'
So I said,
'Ok, First take off your top.'
She did.
Her breasts are HUGE! I then said,
'Take off you pants.'
She said no way.
I told her to lay down and spread her legs wide.
I said,
'Put you hands down your pants and feel in your ***** for a lump. That's called your clit. Now rub it.'
She did and I played with her nipples.
She asked, 'what's supposed to happen?'
I said 'Just keep rubbing.'
Eventually we stopped because she just couldn't do it.

Posted on: 2006-04-08 00:00:00 | Author: