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In the Steam Room

Four of us were on a business trip and I shared a room with my boss who was in his mid 30's and looked really good for his age. We had worked the show all day and my boss(Andy) suggested we go work out and then hit the hot tub and steam room. We pumped weights for about an hour and then went back to the locker room. As I stripped down to my jock I noticed Andy was looking my way and I was turned on by watching him slip out of his sports brief, displaying a nice looking cock and cute ass. The place was pretty empty as we put on our robes and headed for the hot tub. We hung up our robes and walked in naked to the hot water. My own cock was starting to get semi hard as the jets around us felt fantastic. When Andy walked down the ladder his cock had grown another inch as you could tell it wouldn't be long before we were both sporting hardons. Andy scooted over close to me and grabbed my hard penis that was now 7' long and at full attention. I in turned took his erection and started fisting it slowly as this all felt to good and I couldn't believe that it was happening. We needed some place more private so we took our towels to cover ourselves and quickly dashed in the steam room. We grabbed each other's cocks and started stroking slowly, Andy's cock as well as mine ws leaking precome making it easier to masturbate each other. I grabbed both our hot hard dicks and held them together and stroked faster, watching Andy's head move back and forth in his foreskin was really new to me and I was ready to blast off. I pinched his tits and he did the same. This sent us both over the edge as Andy launched come all over my stomach and hand. I stuck my hand in my mouth and then Andy's and shot my load everywhere. My first shot went 3' in the air hitting Andy in the chin, that sent him to his knees as he fisted my dick and the rest of its load all over his chest. We were covered in sperm and headed for the showers both of us still with hardons. The last shower stall we shared togehter and continued to have fun till we shot another load down the drain. The rest of the business trip found me and Andy in our hotel room exploring even more fun with each other. The following night I licked Andy all over and sent his long hard dick down my throat till I got rewarded with a big huge load. I hope my boss reads this and knows I can't wait till we travel together again.

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