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Discovering Vibrators

I enjoy this website and visit it at least once a week. I have to admit that some of the stories seem more fictional than real, but I do believe that most of the stories are true. Anyway, my wife and I are in our mid-fifties and our sex life revolves around masturbation. That's because years ago, I bought my wife an electric vibrating massager (the wand style) and together we discovered that she could have very intense multiple orgasms with it. In fact, after she had achieved her first orgasm with the massager, her reaction was to immediately turn it on again and have another huge orgasm. She was really amazed and remarked that no penis could ever give her that kind of orgasm. Since then, she has all of her orgasms by using the massager and she always does it in front of me. We have built up a large collection of sex toys but my wife still prefers the massager to have her best orgasms.

There is nothing sexier in this world than watching a woman use a vibrator to masturbate to multiple orgasms. Using the vibrator, my wife always reaches orgasm and never has fewer than six or seven very intense orgasms in any session and, on some occasions, has had up to twenty orgasms in an hour. Some of her orgasms are actually shorter orgasms that spike in quick succession and go on for about sixty seconds. Those really leave her breathless. Over the course of the years, her orgasms have actually seemed to become longer and stronger. It's common for her to reach an intense orgasm, turn off the massager, and continue to orgasm. When she does this, she squeezes her thighs to put pressure on her clitoris, which she says pulsates very strongly.

Her masturbation technique is very simple. First, she lies naked on her back with her legs spread, knees bent so that the soles of her feet are touching. She puts lubricant on her clitoris and labia, turns on the massager, places the massager head on her clitoris and the end of the massager handle between her feet. That frees up her hands to touch her nipples, which she loves to do after she has an orgasm. Her areolas always contract (get crinkled) when she has an orgasm.

While my wife masturbates, I lie beside her and watch. She says it really turns her on to masturbate with a vibrator in front of me. I like to get close and watch her vaginal contractions during orgasm. When she has had enough, she tells me to get ready because she's going into her last orgasm. I apply lubricant to my penis and stroke it while she has her last orgasm. Then she rolls over, gets on all fours, and I enter her doggy style. It is very erotic to thrust in a vagina that I know has just experienced the contractions from a bunch of intense orgasms. I never get tired of watching her and she never gets tired of having lots of huge orgasms in front of me. We do this about once a week. My wife's only regret is that she didn't discover vibrators sooner. She says that the orgasms she has from masturbating with her hand and the orgasms she has from the vibrator are like comparing a slice of bread to a meat lover's pizza.

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