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Turned on Totally

i had written earliler about how women in muscle and fitness magazines turn me on to major masturbation sessions. yesterday, i received one of the latest issues of one of those magazines in the mail. on the cover was this incredibly endowed babe with Double-D breasts that had me all but self-pleasuring myself the minute i got in the car. but i held off because i have been trying to use more willpower in not masturbating so much. but just seeing this cover photo made me hot. i stroked my penis for a few minutes, thought about a complete self-pleasuring session, but then 'cooled off.' it took all of the willpower i had.

to stave off masturbating and build up more willpower, i do a good bit of weight lifting and other exercises, such as leg lifts with lots of weights. but in order to enjoy just a bit of a sensuous feeling, i like to exercise the majority of the time totally nude. sometimes i will envision those fitness babes in the magazines while i am doing the exercise. watching my penis become erect while doing leg lifts is really a's a good release for built-up sexual tension or feelings. i also have this fairly large photo of three fitness babes completely nude and totally tanned prancing about and looking oh-so-inviting. it spurs me on to even better workouts!!!

Posted on: 2003-02-26 00:00:00 | Author: