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On the Bus

I must have been about 16. I was in ski school and heading home from a long day. A few people didn't make it this trip so we had empty seats on the bus. A friend sat next to me as we got on the bus. We started talking about the day and the conversation stalled quickly as we were both tired. After the bus got going, he moved to another seat to share a Walkman with another friend. This left me all by myself. I had on ski bibs and a long thick coat. I started thinking about a girl I had been skiing with that day. I had a big crush on her. She was so hot and we always had a good time when we were together. Our relation ship was strictly friendship only but I was hoping for more. As the bus continued on, I started thinking about her more and more. I get start to feel myself get hard, then I got completely hard, very quickly. So quickly I bunched up in my pants. Since I had on all these thick clothes, I decided it was safe to adjust myself, no one would see. I carefully reached down under my coat and slid my hand down my pants. As I got my hands to my member, I was able to un-bunch myself. I now had my hand on my cock, I realized how horny I was, and how good it felt. I left my hand on my cock, since it felt so good. Since the bus was quiet, and everyone was either sleeping or not paying any attention to me, I started to stroke myself. With really short tight strokes I started thinking about the girl. In a about a minute I started to cum. I had an intense pressure built up and it felt like I pumped out gallons thru my cock when I came. I just sat their cuming very quietly for what seemed like minutes. I gently removed my hands and was very happy that the waterproofing worked 2 ways.

When I got home I took a shower and jacked off again, still thinking of the girl.

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