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In the Metro Station

This happened last summer, in a very awkward place. I had been talking to this girl online for about a year and we always teased each other online about doing sexual stuff together but we never thought we'd actually meet because we lived so far from each other. Anyways I won't go into detail but she had an opportunity to visit my area and she took it, and we finally met up. We hung out all day and didn't do anything except kiss once in the elevator of some museum, which was pretty random, and only had a few more hours before she had to go back home. We both knew what we were thinking, but the whole day we hadn't been in a place of privacy, except for those few moments in the elevator, so we didn't think we'd get away with making all of our sex talk a reality. Well she had a ride picking her up, and I was taking the metro home, so she walked me down to the metro station and we were standing behind this wall where people couldn't really see to clearly. We had known each other for a year but this was the first time we had ever met, so the whole day we were happy to be there and wanted to do more, and after this we knew it would probably be a long time before we met again. She was leaning up against me and I was up against the wall and we were making out, and she said to me, 'What's that?' Well I couldn't help but get a hard on while we were making out with all the thoughts that were running through my head, but I didn't think I'd be able to do anything about them. So I told her, 'Why don't you stick your hand down there and find out?' So she did and she loosened my belt and took hold of my cock. I still had my pants on so she couldn't really jack me off, so she just kinda held it. We were just standing there looking at each other like nothing was happening, and at the same time I casually reached my hands up and took hold of her breasts, and then took a look around to see if anyone was watching. Nobody was, but we still didn't have enough cover to more forword. But then I looked to my right and I saw a phone booth (with no door) but it was the most enclosed area we had. We then walked over to the phone booth as if we were gonna make a call and as soon as we were in we started making out again. We had more cover now and we began to take more risks. She loosened my belt some more and pulled down my waistband and took a nice look at my cock. I then asked her if I could suck her tit and she looked shocked and said 'right here!??!' I said yeah and so I knelt down, lifted up here shirt, pulled down her bra and started to suck on her right nipple, but her breasts were not too big so I actually got a lot of it in my mouth, and man it felt great. I only did this for a little bit until I moved back up and we started making out some more while she took hold of my cock again. Without asking I unbuttoned her jeans and slid my hand down under and began fingering her while kissing her. This was the first time I'd ever done that so it was pretty awesome, although I don't know if I was doing a good job, she was enjoying it either way. She was very wet but I didn't do it long enough to make her orgasm, and she didn't jack me off enough to bring me to orgasm, but we had a lot of fun in that phone booth but we both had to go. If we had had a room to ourselves or something more private, who knows what we would have done, but for a 3-sided phone booth I think we did pretty well. Thanks for letting me share.

Posted on: 2006-01-05 00:00:00 | Author: