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Pantie Slut

One night I was sitting having a drink with my wife-all of a sudden she dragged me up the stairs and put the sluttiest underwear on she has.

She also put the hold ups on that she wore when she married me-hold ups were white and the slut underwear was red.

She lay on the bed and asked me to rub my cock against her nipple, then she asked me to put my cock between her slut nipples that I know every cunt has sucked.

I did not want to shag her-I wanted her to finger herself like a slut imagining black cocks were ramming her, she obliged.

One day I was asked to watch her sisters house-she was not out the door two minutes before I had her slut panties wrapped around my cock. Her sister is a fuckin slut and she loves it.

Posted on: 2005-12-09 00:00:00 | Author: