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Checking Out

I'm 16 years old from the Philippines, fourth year student. It happened on November the 1st. It was all saints day here in the Philippines.

Me and our family go to our province. We arrived at 7:00am in the morning. I have a cousin name Joey, he is 26 years old, not so very tall, but he has a fit muscular body. When I was going to take a bath I saw Joey standing outside. I don't know what he was doing. I went there to check out what he was doing. I was surprised when I saw him with my naked eyes jacking himself with his 6 inch cut cock.

I got instantly hard, my right hand went to my shorts and I began to rub myself.(He didn't know that I was watching him) I released my 5 inch cock and began to massage my massive cock in just five minutes. He shot his load on the ground and I was already cumming. When he was finished he looked at me and I smiled at him and glanced in his jeans. It was great, I hope you will like this story to all jackers('Jakulero' in our language).

Posted on: 2005-12-08 00:00:00 | Author: