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Time of My Life

Scot and I were one of those kinds of friends where you talk together, but never actually go over to each other's houses or anything. However, one day we were talking near our lockers. 'Hey, Mark,' he said. 'Some of my friends and I were wondering if you could come to the beach with us for a sleepover.' It turns out they were using a small, private beach that one of their dads owned. I was thrilled, having never done something like this with any one of my friends. I agreed enthusiastically, and Scot grinned. 'You're going to have the time of your life!' he yelled over his shoulder as he headed towards his next class. Little did I know, of course...

It was Saturday, and I had gotten all set for the sleepover. I drove down and parked the car, heading out for the beach. There were five other guys, including me and Scot, and Scot had somehow made friends with some of the hottest guys I had ever seen. Unfortunantely, there didn't seem to be any girls there, or I probably could have gotten a girlfriend within a few seconds, if only out of sheer want. Scot slapped me on the back when he saw me. 'Hey, man, want to go jump in the ocean?' I brought out my swim suit, but Scot put it back. 'Come on, man, you have some extra boxers, right? They're the exact same thing, right?' He winked at me, and pulled my shirt off. Astonished, I stripped down to my boxers, and jumped in the ocean, which was perfect for the red hot sun that pulsed down...and for my red hot cock, which had already swelled from Scot's earlier idea, and expanded to full size as it hit the cold, refreshing water. Scot dived underwater with some goggles, and I followed suit, looking down at his surprisingly muscular back and thighs.

Scot surfaced, and suddenly poked my erect package . 'What,' he said. 'Am I too hot for you?' He dove again, and started to pull down my boxers. I struggled, and managed to hook his with my foot. Then, almost simultaneously, both our boxers came off, a massive wave obscuring my view. When we resurfaced, they were gone, already sunk or floated away. When we came out of the water, the other guys whooped. 'Hey, Scot, you working out Mark, here?' I was slightly embarresed until I noticed that Scot didn't seem to care, his cock simply dripping all over the place. We remained naked for the rest of the night, Scot coming up with the idea that whoever lost any of the games we played had to strip. By the end of the night, I was massively horny, our final game of volleyball being completely naked, precum oozing from my cock when another guy accidently bumped into me.

Finally, we were sitting around the campfire, when Scot announced he was going to go use the restroom. We joked around, until Scot had been gone for ten minutes. I decided to go see what was going on, following Scot's footprints. I peeked around a rock to find Scot slowly massaging his body, stroking his cock in the process. Scot suddenly got up and gently pushed me into the sand, not so hard as I could have gotten away easily, but just enough to show his intentions. Slowly, he rubbed my chest, working downwards to my aching cock. 'Faster...' I moaned as I began to climax, Scot's hands working over my body harder and harder. With a yell, ropes of cum shot over my head, some hitting Scot. 'Thanks, man' I said, only to be interrupted as Scot now laid himself out in front of me. Within minutes, his cum spurted all over his face this time. 'No problem,' he replied at last. We went back to the campfire, only to find everyone jacking off. In the morning, I left, but Scot whispered that if I ever wanted to come over to his house, all I had to do was ask. Scot really was right. I had the time of my life.

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