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Watching My Wife

I have written other stories of my youth, cousins, and sisters, but now I would like to fast forward to my more adult life. That is if you call a thirty year man an adult. My youth was full of sexually charged events and cousins which consequently spilled over into my adult life. I was sexually active with cousins and girlfriends throughout high school and college and masturbation was a regular part of my daily life.

I was married right out of college to a wonderful and beautiful girl I had been dating for two years. By the time we were thirty, we had two children and enjoyed a daily sexual life but my wife, Diane, would not admit to ever masturbating or ever wanting to. She said that I was always sexually satisfying and she had no desire to 'cheat' on me by masturbating. My thinking was that she was embarrassed to admit to masturbating and that there were very few girls or women who have never masturbated in their lives. My attempts at mutual masturbation resulted in disappointment, but I was able to coax her to play with herself during intercourse from behind because she knew I would climax leaving her unsatisfied. Tiring of that, I set about devising plans to get her to jill her sweet pussy and finally discovered something so simple that I had overlooked it for many years.

Diane was away for the day shopping with a friend and I was left home with the yard work and honey-do list. I had cut myself on some metal and was browsing through the bathroom for a large band aide when I stumbled upon her douche bottle. Of course women douche for many reasons, but I was usually aware of Diane's motivations and hadn't come across any recently. What was different was that it was damp and smelled strongly of her odor. It was not at all washed clean like usual. The bottle part was curiously dry and the only conclusion was that she had used the nozzle part as a masturbation tool.

My cock sprung to life as I smelled the nozzle again reaffirming my suspicions that she indeed did masturbate, but in total privacy. Remembering her urgency in getting me out of the bathroom that morning to get to my chores, I concluded she needed some private time for herself. As well, we had busy work and social schedules that week finding time for only two interludes of intercourse. Basically Diane was horny and needed to masturbate.

I carefully returned the douche kit to its proper place and deviously planned to bring her to such a state of arousal and give her enough private time, that she would satisfy herself without a second thought.

At that time, we subscribed to an adult magazine and were avid readers of the 'forum' which from time to time primed us for an evening of sex. Upon occasion I would bring in other soft porn magazines for variety. We usually discarded them a few weeks later fearing discovery by our children, so there really wasn't much laying around. Another discovery just a month after the douche incident was several 'forum' articles torn out and hidden in her closet, folded neatly in a shoe box. Yes I was snooping all over the house by this time. The stage was definitely set and it was just a matter of checking the douche nozzle on a regular basis to see if it had been used.

One night I decided to give her one more chance to confess to masturbating after reading a forum article specifically about a wife who masturbated frequently, but Diane insisted that she wasn't going to do that and didn't need to.

I worked late, feigned tiredness for three week nights in a row waking up Saturday with a fake sinus headache and stayed in bed while she get ready. Most of the week and evenings, she was cuddly and physical indicating a need for sexual relief and I admit I was really turned on and barely able to suppress a full erection. At least twice a day I would masturbate in the private bathroom at work just to relieve the tension and anticipation. And now it was Saturday morning and hopefully Diane was primed for a little private time with her pussy.

Our master bedroom has a private bathroom and like many older homes, the bathroom door had a skeleton key lock with a keyhole providing ample view of most of the bathroom. I was instantly at that keyhole from almost the moment she shut the door. So here I am, a young adult in my thirties on my knees in front of a keyhole spying on my own wife.

I was very surprised to watch Diane stand in front of the mirror on the back of the door and to my utmost advantage, thrust her hand down her jammy bottoms and contently rub herself. She was fixated at watching her own image, closing and opening her eyes as I'm certain little pleasures jolted through her pussy. I became busy with my own member and quickly had to edge off an imminent orgasm for I didn't want to spoil this wonderful moment.

She stopped, removed her hand and smelled her fingers as she went over to the cupboard, took out the douche kit and quickly removed the nozzle. I was disappointed to see her sit on the toilet, wishing that she would stand in front of the mirror again, but I myself have a difficult time jacking off while standing and much prefer the comfort and convenience of a chair or bed. Then there are those occasions when I use the water massage in the shower which gives me one of the most intense orgasms ever, buckling my knees and having to steady myself.

Diane spread her legs and rubbed her juices all over and then the nozzle slipped in quickly. In and out it went while she rubbed her clitoris, leaning back on the toilet tank and occasionally rocking back and forth. It was a divine sight to behold and I had to stop jacking several times wanting to wait until she came. She edged to an orgasm several times only to stop short and slowly start again. Even through the keyhole and door I could hear the nozzle making noises in her wet pussy.

Then she speeded her rubbing and pumping and bent over jerking and spasming to an obviously intense orgasm that lasted a good fifteen seconds. I spewed my cum on a tissue at about the time she finished barely able to stifle several grunts of pleasure. She leaned back and caught her breath and surprisingly started up again! In less than a minute, she was rocking and jilling to another orgasm that was shorter but seemed more intense as she moaned loudly several times. The nozzle was removed and put in the sink and Diane stood up still caressing her pussy which was shiny with her wetness. She came over to the mirror and I was treated to the sight of a shaved pussy, wet and red. She spread her lips and observed herself running her fingers over her clit and into her vagina which was very erotic and sensual. She wiped her hand on her jammy tops and the rest of the time went into her morning routine.

I envied her being able to climax twice but admired her sexuality and would never underestimate her again. This was the beginning of discovery for me as well as Diane. It was easy to set her up for masturbating as she is a very sensual woman. More about Diane at another time...

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