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At the Nudie Lounge

There was a place in my city that advertised as a lingerie modeling service. I think everyone knows what that means.

I went in and was met by a very attractive young lady. She led me to a room and told me I could get comfortable. Of course I got completely naked.

After tipping her, she got naked too and pulled a bench right in front of the chair I was in. Her legs touched mine, but no other touching was allowed.

She started playing with her pussy while I stroked my stiffening cock. It was so hot to be masturbating with a strange girl right there!

At one point the girl climbed up on the arm of the chair and positioned her pussy about two inches from my face, close enough for me to catch her scent (which was nice, I might add) while her finger slipped in and out her slit.

Finally she put her face right near my cock, blew on it and told me to come. I blasted a huge load all over myself and she smiled.

I used to go there about once a month until they lost their lease. I sure miss my naked encounters.

Posted on: 2005-11-09 00:00:00 | Author: