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About two years ago I got determined to build myself up because I was not muscular. My folks got exercise equipment for me and put it in the basement where I could be alone and work out. I did it for a while but was always finding an excuse not to continue. The one thing I found was that if I had recently jerked off I just did not feel like exercising. And since I jerked off all the time I almost stopped exercising after I had the equipment for about two months. I thought and thought about what to do and made a resolution that I would only treat myself to a jerk off after I had done a good work out. The thought of this itself got me halfway hard and I started my first workout under this rule right away. I was getting more and more excited as I got into my routine and took off my shorts and kept exercising in just my jock and shoes. By the time I finished I was so boned I wanted to get off right away and stood right there against the concrete wall of the basement and blew a good one against the wall. I wiped it up with my jock.

After that whenever I wanted to J/O I either went to do another routine or else just resisted. The next time I exercised I put on the same jock which was now getting stiff in places from the dry cum. That made it more exciting for me. This system worked for me and I even built in a rule where each week I had to increase the weights and number of reps if I would allow myself to jerk off afterwards. And since this all kept me from jerking as frequently (before this I was doing it maybe three or four times a day and now just once, after my workout.) After maybe four months I really started to look pumped. People would notice and say things.

My best friend knew I worked out and said he tried to but didn't have the discipline to keep going. He didn't know my secret. I was too embarrassed to tell him even though we had talked about jerking off before so I knew he did it. I thought about it for a few days and regretted I didn't tell him more. So next time he brought it up I told him that I only let myself J/O after I do a good work out, and that there was more to it too that I didn't want to talk about it. He got really interested and pressed me on it. I told him he could watch me once and could just leave if he wanted, but if he stayed I would work with him after I finished my session. He snapped at the opportunity. We started right away. I locked the basement door so no one could walk in on us and put on my jock which I kept down there under some of the equipment. I got horny right away because he was watching and that made my jock tight and uncomfortable. I stretched it forward and my dick pushed it out into a huge cup and I know he could see my balls underneath, because he was looking there.

After the rep I didn't jerk off although I wanted to desperately and told him it was his turn and I would direct him. I told him to wear my jock since he didn't have anything but his street clothes. I peeled it off me. It was still warm and moist from my sweat and some dripping. It also was still stiff from some old dry cum. I only washed it about once every two weeks. My dick stood up and bounced when I pulled out of the jock. He stripped and put them on . I stayed naked.

I could see it was all making him get hard very fast and I enjoyed watching his dick grow. He got really big and had a hard time stuffing it all in. Lots of people who write here think people lie about dick size but his was fat and huge when it grew, and it would not all stay inside the jock. As he was exercising it would keep popping out and in the middle of a routine he could not stop to put it back in. All the time I was like our football coach who acts tough and mean, and was ordering him to do more and faster and telling him what he was doing wrong. And sometimes getting him going by telling him to work off that roll of flab, or saying stuff like that. It was great fun for me and he had a great workout too.

After it was over he wanted to rest badly but I told him no, that now we get our reward. I got behind him and led him by the shoulders right to within a few inches of the wall, with his face to the dead wall. I told him to pull off his jock. He did. I told him to start jerking off. Right behind him I was jerking off too. He could not see me as his face was to the wall. I picked up the jock and was sniffing it and then pushed it around into his face and told him to sniff. He did and came right away. He was making these huge sounds that I could tell this was the best J/O he ever had and right then I wasn't even jerking hard but blew my load.

I was right behind him and all of it hit him over the back side and dribbled down his back , ass and legs. We were both panting like anything after that and he wanted to do it again. I told him he could only do it from now on after a good workout and I would have to be satisfied that it was a good workout before authorizing him to J/O. And besides I was going to inspect how much cum he shot to make sure he kept a full load and wasn't cheating.

We agreed on that, and I continued to be his trainer for about seven months until summer when I left for a trip. By then he had developed nice biceps and abs and lost weight and was looking great. After the next school year began we didn't do this together any more because a lot happened that I don't need to go into here. But I will never forget those days and would like to find somebody else to train. I think about my days training him when I am jerking off after a workout.

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