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Heaven With a Sophomore

First of all, I must tell you, I am not gay. In fact I went steady with one of the prettiest girls in school for all last summer. I am also the starting receiver on the football team, and that is how it all started.

After practice, we take showers with some other teams, one of them the cross country team. I find one boy, who is a sophomore, particularly attractive. He is kind of skinny, blonde hair, no chest or back hair and seems to keep his tan well into the fall. One day, we were the only ones there because it was raining and his team was the only practice not cancelled. After all the other kids went home, I waited for him to undress. Then I took a shower for no reason. We started talking in the shower and he asked me about Sabrin. I told him she was gorgeous and I missed her and then I asked him if he masturbated. After a long pause, he said sometimes. I popped a boner and he got embarrassed and left.

That night, I couldn't stop thinking about our encounter, so I called him up. I hung up when his dad answered. But an hour later, I called, and his sister answered and I invited myself over to his house. He said OK. That was the fastest I ever rode my bike. And once there, we went to his room and locked the door. I asked if he wanted to play strip poker and he said OK. By the time we got to our underwear, my cock was rock hard and protruding. He lost and his underwear came off. He was so embarrassed that he sat cross legged with his arms wrapped around his knees. What a beautiful body. I told him not to be and I took off my underwear even though I hadn't lost. When he saw my boner, his dick started to grow, and grow, and GROW! His body was so young and cute, I wanted to cum right there. But I had to feel his body first. I reached over and he squirmed. Then he let me. After I felt his body, I began to stroke his cute dick. Then after a few rubs, he leaned his head back in ecstasy. He grabbed my throbbing dick and RUBBED it hard. It felt so good to have the cutest boy in school rubbing me. Then I came, and RIVERS of cum were streaming all over the place. He came right after. We cleaned up with pajama shirt.

The next day, Thursday, I saw him in school and asked if he wanted to do it again, but he said No. When I saw him after practice, I tried to pull him under the bleachers to tell him I loved him, but he ran away. I didn't care. In the locker room, I was so happy, I threw off all my clothes, and flapped my arms and flew naked into the shower. I sang a song at the top of my lungs while dancing nude. Everybody was staring at me yesterday (Friday) and whispering behind my back. I tried to call my sophomore friend 3 times last night, but his dad kept answering and said he was out. So I called the guys to see what they were doing and they said they didn't want me hanging around anymore because I'm 'too ... uh ... happy'. I am happy. I had the best week of my life.

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