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Baseball Circle Jerk

When I was in my early teens I was an avid baseball player, sandlot variety. After games most of us would walk out to a lake north of town and skinny dip to cool off (god, but it was hot in Texas!) Modesty was not a factor: we had seen one another naked in the gym dressing room for a year or so, and no one seemed shy about letting other guys see your dick. It goes without saying that we talked about 'pussy,' a subject on which we enjoyed a shared ignorance. Memory says that there was an occasional quasi-erection, but nothing spectacular.

Until, one day a guy brought along a deck of XXX playing cards that an older brother had given him. For most of us, this was our first peek at real porn. As we passed them around and oooohed and ahhhhed at the sight of women being fucked and sucking cocks, I felt my penis stir, and I glanced down and saw that my pals were having the same reaction.

I tried to will myself back to softness but lost, and soon my dick was at a half-stand. Same elsewhere. And lo and behold, what was there to hide? We glanced at one another, and the consensus seemed to be, 'Hey, we're all in the same boat, what the hell difference does it make?' And that is when we just laughed and enjoyed the sensation of standing there naked with hard dicks, not caring about being seen. We continued to pass around the photographs.

A kid named Gene, largest cock in the crowd! did it first. He put his hand on his groin, he gripped his dick, he gave a few tentative strokes. We watched. Someone else followed suit. And, one by one, each of us, there were seven of us, memory says, started jacking off. And we made absolutely no effort to conceal what we were doing, plain old out-in-the-open masturbation.

My best pal of the crowd, Jerry, leaned over and whispered something that I could not catch. Huh? 'I'll do you if you'll do me,' he repeated. I was hesitant. Jacking off with other guys was one thing, but dare I let him touch me, and stroke his penis in turn? He did not await an answer; he simply put his hand around my shaft and began stroking. And, with some nervousness and hesitation, I did the same with his dick. To my relief, our friends began exchanging touches as well.

Now I'd been jacking off solo for a couple of years, and I'd learned to put a sock over my cock before I shot off to catch the cum. (I refer now to jacking off at night under the covers; when I did it in the daytime, out in the garage or some other private place, I'd shoot off into a wad of tissue or whatever.) When I began to feel the stir that signalled I was on the verge of ejaculating, I did not know what to do. Should I let loose, or should I warn Jerry what was about to happen?

No matter. Before I could make a decision, I felt a gush of cum spurt from my dick, right into Jerry's hand. He did not pause. Using my cum as a lubricant, he jacked me even faster. And at the same instant I felt a sudden hot wetness in my own hand as he came. Whew. What a sensation! We continued jacking off one another for a good while longer, dicks still rock hard, and very well lubricated!

Happy sounds all around the circle as my friends enjoyed sharing ejaculations. We were grinning and laughing, happy to have done something far out of the ordinary, something very naughty, to be sure, but much fun because it was out of the norm. And then to wade out into the lake and wash the cum off of young dicks and get dressed and go home.

A week or so later, Jerry came to my house to sleep over. I had an army surplus pup tent which we put up in the rear of the back yard, far from prying parental eyes. Our talk got around to 'what we did out at the lake,' and he asked how often I jacked off when I was by myself. At least twice a day, I said. And you? Same thing. You wanna' do it now? I asked. Sure. We shoved down our shorts and pushed away the blanket. He did not even ask, he reached over and took hold of my dick and began playing with it, and I found and gripped him and did the same.

It felt so damned good that I just laid there and let him jack me to ejaculation. I came on my chest, and he licked off every drop, and then I took my turn.

Sandlot baseball. A good start in life!

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