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Spagetti Is Better Than Pussy

1) Boil angel hair spaghetti as you normally would for cooking. Drain thoroughly. Put into a bowl and add just a bit of cooking oil, just enough to make the pasta nice and slippery!

2) Let it cool down so it does not burn your dick, but keep it warm.

3) Take a large flexible plastic (or styrofoam)cup and pack it
full with the warm, slippery spaghetti.

4) Tightly rap and cover the top of the cup with saran rap (a few layers of it). Secure it tightly by rapping a rubberband around the outside lip of the cup.

5) With a steak knife, cut a 2 inch slit in the middle of the saran rap in the center of the opening of the cup packed with warm, slippery angel hair pasta.

6) Put a towel at the edge of your bed on the floor and put the
pasta cup between the mattress and the box springs
so that the open end of the pasta cup with the
slit cut into it, is hanging out from between
the bed and box sping.

7) With a hard cock, get on your knees and slowly
slide your cock into the cup of warm, tight packed, slipperry angel hair pasta. Fuck it to your liking! The 'pussy' itself feels better than most womans! No shit! Enjoy!

Posted on: 2005-08-16 00:00:00 | Author: