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My Neighbour Caught Me

I have been masturbating regularly for over 50 years now, despite leading an active sex life with my wife, I have always loved the intense pleasure of self stimulation, especially when carried out in front of a full length mirror. I am lucky enough to have an extremely large, fat penis with heavy veining and long pliable foreskin covering an oversize mushroom glans.

When I am alone at home, I often wank and 'edge' for a long period, watching my huge swollen cock in the hallway mirror. I had been enjoying a long session and was standing with my tracksuit bottoms around my ankles, underpants down and tee shirt rolled up teasing my leaking cock until I felt just about to blast a huge load onto the mirror. Suddenly the outside door opened and my 34-year-old neighbour, Sally called out 'Hi, can I borrow your vacuum cleaner.'

I froze, and quickly adjusted my clothing to try to appear normal. Sally stepped through the door and smiled at me, I glanced down and saw that there was no concealing my erection, which was clearly defined through the thin track suit material. My nine inch cock was still standing to stiff attention!

I felt really embarrassed and didn't know what to do next, when she stepped forward, reached out and touched my hard cock! 'I saw what you were doing' she said, 'shall I finish it for you?'

I felt weak at the knees as she pulled down my clothing and gently gripped my throbbing shaft, pulling back my foreskin to reveal the purple glans.

Well, it took about four or five strokes to make me spurt a huge load of sperm onto the mirror and her hand.

This was the best experience I had of an unexpected visit from my neighbour and needless to say it was not the last one by any means.

Posted on: 2005-07-29 00:00:00 | Author: