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A Morning With Jake

I wrote earlier about my husband Jake, and him cumming under a blanket at a football game last fall. I thought I'd write about a more recent experience.

We have an enclosed patio that opens onto the back gardens. I love to work in the gardens and Jake helps out when his schedule allows. On this particular day, he came downstairs after I was already out. The boys were both gone to school. Jake was home because he'd worked so many long hours he had some comp time. I had slipped out of bed, leaving him sleeping, so he could get some extra rest.

He thought I had gone to run errands and didn't see me in the side garden, although I could see him. He sat down in his favorite chair, facing out to the back, and looked out. He was just resting there in his run-around-the-house shorts. These are shorts that are very large on him. I bought them big and then put more elastic in the waist so they would fit him. Jake is a normal sized guy at about six foot four inches and 200 pounds. I got these shorts so they would be really loose on him and he has plenty of room for his dick to get hard. His dick is on the large side and he feels squeezed in regular shorts when he gets a hard on. I thought he should have something to wear around the house that makes it easy for him to get his cock out and blow a load if he wants to.

With these he can pull the loose leg up and let his dick do it's business without having to pull the waistband down. It makes it easy for him to let it fly in the garden if he wants to, even where he might otherwise be visible. There's a bush beside the garage he uses for cover when he needs to blow a load really bad and doesn't think he can make it to the bathroom in the house. When he's wearing these shorts on the weekend it's even easier for him to relieve himself.

I think one of the reasons Jake likes the garden is that he can shoot his wad all over the place and no one complains. In the morning if he has a piss hardon he sometimes goes outside to relieve himself. He likes to piss through his hard on and then wank off. He says the piss massages it from the inside once he gets it started but getting the stream going is difficult. We're not into golden showers, but I have held his cock while he pissed. It's hard for him to aim his cock to piss in the toilet in the morning if he doesn't shoot his wad before he gets up. If he still has a hard, he will go outside so he can let it fly straight out. I am fascinated by all of this and sometimes watch him from the upstairs window, fingering my clit, knowing when he empties his bladder he will come upstairs and ask if I want to use his peter or if he should wank out his cum. I always want his cock. We have the only two storey house in the neighborhood so we don't have to worry about the neighbors watching him take care of himself.

We have a privacy fence on both sides of our back yard, although one of them is short enough the neighbors can see into the yard in places. Jake doesn't go to those places when he's taking care of peter business out there, although he has had a couple of accidents where he could be seen. But he hasn't had any problems, so we don't think the neighbors have ever seen him go number one or number three.

Anyway, on this morning when we were both at home, I just kept working in the garden after I saw him come downstairs. Jake sat down and dozed off. I looked up and noticed his shorts were tented. I couldn't tell because I was too far away, but I was betting they were wet, too.

I decided to surprise him. I went in the house and sure enough I could see his cock was leaking all over his shorts. I took off my gardening gloves and went over and stood behind his chair. His hands were lying across his shirt holding it down over his shorts. So, I pulled up one leg of his shorts and eased it over his leaking cock. He moaned a little in his sleep but didn't wake up.

I rubbed my hand down his cock, spreading his wetness down the shaft. I held it tightly and started rubbing up and down. Almost instantly, he let go with a large gob of thick, sticky wetness. I ran my thumb over his pee hole on my next stroke up and spread the wetness down the shaft.

A few more strokes and he said mmmm and moaned a little. I leaned over and whispered good morning in his ear. I kept stroking his rock hard cock and in less than a minute he said 'it's cumming, baby. I'm gonna blow my load. It's huge. I gotta go.' He leaned forward and I pointed his cock out in front of him. He hates to cum on himself. With a big grunt he shot a wad of cum out onto the tiled floor. The first shot was followed by four more until he gasped for breath and his dick started going down. There was a string of cum reaching about four feet from the end of his cock to the puddle right under the chair. I kept milking his cock until he stopped letting cum out and I asked if he was finished.

I knelt between his legs, straddling his cum puddle, and kissed him while his wet cock pressed up against my chest. I dipped my fingers in his puddle and spread his cum on the inside of my thighs. I frigged my clit vigorously and my own cum was soon gushing out. It was just the beginning of a beautiful day together.

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